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    Transgender People and Inclusion in the Workplace

    Date: October 24, 2017, 11:30am – 1:00pm
    Bismarck Elks – 900 S Washington, Bismarck
    Elks Lodge in the large meeting room where receptions and dances are held. Members will go through the buffet line in the restaurant and order as much or as little as they want and pay the cashier. Members will bring their tray into the large meeting room where the business meeting and presentation will take place.
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    Program: Transgender People and Inclusion in the Workplace

    Speaker: Jennifer Cook, Policy Director ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union of ND)


    • For context, some definitions---transgender (as opposed to transvestite, cross dresser, transsexual), lesbian, gay, bisexual
    • NOT a choice, "coming out" at different times in the life cycle, not always accompanied by surgery and hormones but these may become a goal over time, other kinds of therapy and medical concerns
    • Transgender is ongoing, not just recent--perhaps some historic examples
    • Transgender in the military also ongoing
    • Incidence (estimated percentage) of transgender persons in the population
    • Protections that would have been part of the state legislation proposed in the last two sessions in ND
    • Protections currently under state law and local ordinances
    • Number of states/other locations in US that offer some kinds of protections for transgender persons and forms they usually take
    • Key legal cases currently in the news on transgender
    • HR as an ally--best practices in policies, employee support groups, organizations with info specific to HR

    This program has been submitted for 1.0 hour of continuing education credit from the HR Certification Institute (HRCI).

    This program has been approved for 1.0 hour of professional development credit from the Society for Human Resource (SHRM).